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I offer you ….Harmonyum Healing

With Harmonyum Healing (or Bio-Metaphysical medicine) brings rejuvenation, healing, self awareness, clarity,  and higher consciousness of self to set forth self healing. Because in truth YOU are the only one who can change or transform yourself. True self awareness is the first step to self transformation. Harmonyum unlocks the key to your true self and clears the foggy path to truly see who you can be and who you truly are. Per Dr. Levry the founder of Harmonyum Bio-Metaphysical medicine, a 7 session grouping is recommended to bring light and balance to your life. In my program I recommend to start out with a cycle of Harmonyum sessions (7 sessions) to remove blocks and subconscious habits that do not serve you, have been getting in the way of your goals and lifestyle changes. You already know what you need to do to live and be healthier and happier. So the question is WHY AREN’T YOU DOING IT? I come across a great many people who talk, talk ,talk and have vast amounts of knowledge of great many things  in relation to health, fitness, relationships and spirituality yet their actions is totally the opposite. Here goes the old saying…”Practice what you preach” or ” Do what you say and say what you do”. Many people have the best intentions but for some reason old patterens and subconscious blocks are hindering  them to take action.

     Harmonyum will help remove these blocks working on many levels including on a  cellular and etheric levels. When you are ready for lifestyle guidance, coaching and or personal training I am here to support you in that aspect as part of my program.

    Self transformation in every aspect of life can actually be done by using pure personal power, will and discipline. It is possible as I can attest to that, but the process definitely takes longer. Harmonyum is such a powerful tool that it actually speeds up the process so you can move on to the next . Again I can attest to this.

    It is my mission to guide you to empower yourself through self awareness and self transformation. Providing various tools to help you live the best life specifically for your individual soul in a practical way. I am here to help you understand YOUR true power of SELF healing and SELF transformation. Key word is SELF here. YOU have the power. YOU have the choice.